You shouldn’t be confused.

A child has to be made and produced, delivered and raised by two people and not one and both have to collaborate to do it. What is important is that a child must not be locked up in one parent, and it is not a question of sex. It’s a question of number. It can be two fathers, two mothers or one mother and one father, or vice versa, but there has to be two.

The two are not identical, equal or just similar. A child must be confronted to two forces in front of him or her, two outside forces: authority without which there is no maturation and love without which there is no open-mindedness. The two forces have to be shared by the two parents but each parent has to have his style but it is two that is essential for a child.

A mother does not have to raise her sons alone, just as much as a father does not have to raise his sons — or daughters for both of them — alone.

And the future of men is not only in the hands of the mother and the sons. It is also in the hands of the father and the sons.

But even more important, it is in the hands of the two parents and the daughters. It sounds as if the mother has the responsibility to educate her sons to be good men. What about the two parents sharing that objective and working on the same objectives for the daughters to be good women who will not in any way accept to be harassed and who will never ever look as if they both permitted and/or solicited the harassment.

It is high time women stand up and say NO to that millennia long harassment or worse.

But it is also necessary for men to stand up and say that it is enough for them to be what they have been trained, tamed, conditioned into being: bullies and even sexual bullies.

Some will say it is too late after two weeks in this world. I would even say several months before birth.

Written by

Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, PhD in Germanic Linguistics (University Lille III) and ESP Teaching (University Bordeaux II) has been teaching all types of ESP

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