You forget ICANN, an emanation of the Department of Commerce in Washington DC, thanks, Bill Clinton. As long as the US government will have the upper hand over the Internet there will be the desire to get out of it. The Chinese and many other countries have always asked for an international managing organization for the Internet. The US has always refused, via ICANN of course. In Europe, strict rules are imposed against some contents and the US data giants censor these data and sites that carry them. But the scandal of Facebook and Twitter, not to mention Google who evades all regulations, or tries at least, including paying taxes in Europe and distributing the most violent and the ugliest racist and discriminatory messages, including antisemitism and anti-Islam, such scandals prove it has to stop. The freedom of speech is not the freedom to attack other people and to ridicule these or those or to hurt the same. The only way is to have an alternative “internet” with another name. The Chinese have already done it, as Mrs. HU said in Geneva in front of the boss of ICANN (and I trained in English and French her main student in Paris following the only postgraduate class covering Intellectual Property from copyright and authors’ rights points of view: the only class at that level in the world) in 1999–2000. Mrs. Hu’s declaration in 2004 in Geneva at some meeting on Internet governance at the International Labor Organization knew what she was saying. The Russians are following suit and of course, the two will be interconnected and satellites will be the carriers and deliverers, not so much telephone cables, optical fiber or not. And in that direction, Eastern European countries will probably follow suit and pretty soon will have two systems that cannot interconnect. What will be our interest? To interconnect the two. So what will happen in the West? Icann will have to go gadoosh in the toilet flush of history. Mark my word. If India follows (they are apparently staying on the side of the economic coordination of all countries of eastern, southeastern and south Pacific countries for sure, but for how long?) suit two-thirds of Humanity will be out of the Internet. How does it sound to the imperialistic mind of Icann and the US, knowing Africa and Latin America are already escaping US hands and controls?

Written by

Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, PhD in Germanic Linguistics (University Lille III) and ESP Teaching (University Bordeaux II) has been teaching all types of ESP

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