You do not need to know Evola or some others along that line like Kierkegaard. You just need to see how the USA have been fed and even overfed, at times starved for them to be fed and overfed again on a religious belief (Christian mostly) that this world will have an end and that justice, freedom, liberty and all other human values can only be granted to human beings by GOD himself after this apocalypse.

The revelation is that salvation can only be attained after this apocalypse. ETC.

I have come across it everywhere in America, as a curse, as a fact, as a compensation, as a hopeful dream, etc.

The blacks who dream and sing freedom after that apocalypse.

Jews who sing freedom after that apocalypse identified to the Shoah.

And all the Christians of all colors (a morbid rainbow configuration or alliance) who are only finding relief and peace on Sunday in the vision of this promise of a world of total happiness in the Messianic Jerusalem.

That’s what Trump is feeding on, that absurd and irrational reference to God as the only way to finally be free, happy, rich, peaceful, respected, etc.

Bannon is nothing but the recuperator of this extremely wide popular belief.

Those who hoped to get it from Obama were of course disappointed. So they went back to the tradition.

Those who believed the unions would give them that were disappointed and so they moved, unions leaders first, to Trump. ETC.

No one needs a quotation from anyone when the belief in the necessary apocalypse to reach salvation has been turned into a constant popular belief that is stronger than Christmas and Valentine Day.

Then Muslims are for those the enemy because Muslims do not believe so much in that apocalypse, in that salvation in paradise.

They believe in the necessity to build happiness in this world by their work and by their respecting the fundamental rules of their ethics.

Fundamentalists are just going too far along that line.

Muslims believe in paradise for the warriors not so much for ordinary people.

And that is why they fight to make the world “better” and for them warriors dying will be a reward since then they will go to paradise, ETC.

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