You are kids playing marbles in the gutter outside your kindergarten. If what is happening is really happening, and I don’t see how we could dream of it being a fantasy fairy tale, the real stake is the constitution and democracy. How can the constitution enable any adventurer and adventurist if not soothsayer or wizard to run and be elected to the Presidency of the USA (because he will be a very difficult cookie for Hillary Clinton to bite into it with her divided democratic electorate)?

How come this democratic system enables the first clown right out of some Walt Disney comic book to capture the top controlling job in the USA by capturing the fascination of the people, by hypnotizing them, mesmerizing them into voting for him and giving him a blank check or a carte blanche since he has no program that could be feasible and no real project beyond his bellybutton?

Is the US constitution that bad?

It must be since it permits the Senate not to appoint a Supreme Court Justice though the Supreme Court cannot rule on any subject if the nine justices are not present. Right now there are only eight alive. How can nine be present to rule on let’s say the counting of ballots in Florida?

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