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Who in this post-pandemic situation is going to play the role of the USSR and the Warsaw Pact? Who is going to play the role of NATO? The comparison is not valid at all. There cannot be any Nurenberg trial. It requires a very severe criticism and condemnation of the trade war launched unilaterally by one country who is now begging for help since the supposedly Chinese virus has already reached in this very country a level that is unique in the world by the number of cases, by the speed of the growth of the number of casualties (to speak like in a war), both medical, patient and collateral, by the first infant dying of it, etc. Within three or four days the number of cases in the world will be over ONE MILLION, and that will only be official cases. What about those who are infected and die among refugees, civil war victims, untouchable castes, slums and poverty pockets, and the uninsured in all countries that do not have universal health coverage, if such a concept does exist anywhere? Just keep in mind that the real number of casualties could, might, should be multiplied by four or maybe five. Let’s hope it will not be more than five.

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Trump in all his beauty

As is well-known, it is easy to win a trade war. The culprit is very clearly designated by the last three years of Trumpism. This questions the efficacy and performance of democracy when totally incompetent people can be elected and when a democratic system is not able to cope with a pandemic. Will there be anyone left to vote in November, and before to attend Conventions, and before to go on with the primaries?

Though it is not a laughable matter, it is quite obvious that to cope with such a situation you need to step out of democracy or democratic procedures, and you need to adopt a war-time logic. The Chinese have shown that after a month of local and regional wavering, when Beijing took over, the situation was immediately identified as war and wartime measures were systematically implemented. Can the USA do it? France is trying to do it and it is not easy. Italy and Spain did not do it and we know the result. Seoul did it but they are used to such immediate wartime vigilance because of their situation. What about the USA with its endemic and cyclical mass shootings, not to mention its inner national and domestic terrorism, not to speak of apocalyptic plotting theories and gangs that call themselves religions?

We should try to avoid the Path of Steve Meyer and Eddie Lane. We are not in a TV series.

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Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, PhD in Germanic Linguistics (University Lille III) and ESP Teaching (University Bordeaux II) has been teaching all types of ESP

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