Trafalgar Square, Under the Paws of the Lions

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Poetry is the dramatic stage of the mind


Scimitars and daggers

A blade in my heart

On that blessed day.

Ö Your tongue’s a bow and arrows

Piercing my soul and mind

Each point embedded

Quicksilver in flesh.

Ö Your hands two strangling spiders

Choking my throat and breath

Your nails encrusted

In my arteries.

Ö Your teeth rockets and missiles

Exploding my backbone

Their atomic heads

Burning my bones hot.

Ö Your feet cosmic meteors

Raining hailing my skin

Trampling stampeding

Me into the mud.

Ö Your diabolical soul

Incandescent sulfur

Torches me into

Blazes flames and fire

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Roman? Greek? Ancient for sure


Your ugly twisted crooked face

Black heads and boils

Wait and see how I will smash

Your pink nose, your blue eyes, your red lips, your hard skull.

2- You wretched warping pain for eleven days

3- You foul foolish pain

You found me all alone you just called me a freak

Just wait and watch my fists, my feet

lined up against your cheeks

You’ll feel grey, fool, you’ll feel

abandoned, you’ll need a prayer

4- You worthless garbled pain for eleven days

A cross to carry aloft for eleven days

5- You brand all my limbs you tatter my nerves

You scorch my sanity you make me crazy

I hollered pain and ache for eleven days

6- The day of repayment will come soon

You love me in torture, enjoy my wicked distress

Just watch me, just mind me

Your evil lacklustre jaws I’ll shatter

7- Exquisite acid pain for eleven days

I felt your teeth for eleven days

I will crush them one after the other

You will howl and yammer but the end is close

I will dispatch you

Right through to hell with a backside kick

Split your head till you beg for pity

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Old and haunted


Now alone and dead sorry

Cramped with worries?

Better be on your own!

2- Have you forgotten what you chose

You were never to lose

Free ‘f all worries?

Better be on your own!

3- Are you forgetting what you’ll be

Alone and so sorry

Full of worries?

Better be on your own!

Come on

Go on

Live on

You’ll see

I’ll never gonna believe

You’re away

4- I must forget you ever lived

With me for you for me

And no worries.

Better be on my own!

5- I will forget your past presence

Strutting in my freedom

Breeding worries

Better be on my own

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Imagine the lions and the gladiators


If you come and knock late at night

She’ll let you in her house

Out of love, please say it’s fine

2- If you pay the price

She’ll let you slip inside

In her deep secret garden

Well hidden

Deep inside here soul, in her heart

3- You will pay a pound of flesh

Willy nilly you must understand

No good trade comes without violence

I couldn’t care less give a damn

4- She’ll let you in her house

When you come and knock on the door

She’ll let you in her house

For more love, come in, worship

5- I don’t give a damn

For the sermon, for the priest

I don’t give a damn

For all cold ethics

I believe in the love

You have given me

I believe in the love

That can save me

6- Let me pray, yes someday

That love will feed me everyday

I believe in the love

You have given me

That can save me

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Popular palatial amphitheater


I met my friends the lions

Who roared and roared all four

Like an African dream

How do you… do Mister?

That took me aback

I was astonished

A small boy right in front

With a smile as big as the sun

2- What do you want boy?

Who are you boy?

Do I know you boy?

Ov course not never seen

3- I am so afraid

Of the lions made of stone

Can I hold your hand please?

Why not. Look at them now

Beautiful Powerful

Come and look at these

The flocks of pigeons

Which of them do you like?

All of them Can I be your friend?

4- Why not little boy

Let’s buy peanuts

For the grey pigeons

Nelson’s looking at us

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Can you hear Sophocles here?


Nor eager though you do leaving me

In your outgoing backside

Rejecting my pleading wet dark eyes.

Ö You’re hostile to my feelings

You won’t try to respond to my quest

Yet you will unwillingly

By turning your face away save me.

Ö Gone vanished walking away

I’ll save your soul in my memory

Read Only your evil eye

And Random Access your sparkling self

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Medieval evolution


You’ll never find me any more

You’ll never ‘njoy my love anew

Though you saved me

Lonely lovely friend

You’ll only suffer inside

You will never have one more extra try

Since yesterday

You’ve been losing and wasting away

Since yesterday

You’ve lost all chances to find me anyway

Since yesterday

You’ve lost all the way

Since yesterday

2- Fare thee well you are in control

I’ll never come back any more

I’ll never seek your love anew

Though you saved me

Lonely lovely friend

I’ll erase you deep inside

I’ll never give you one more extra try

For tomorrow

I’ll be running and living away

For tomorrow

I’ll sever all routes to find me anyway

For tomorrow

I’ll go all the way

For tomorrow

3- Fare thee well I conquer control

I’ll for ever sail far and wide

I’ll blaze far away from your trail

Though you saved me

Lonely lovely friend

Happen what can may or must

I’ll deny you the slightest extra try

I swear I pledge

You’re dead in my heart, in my mind and soul

I swear I pledge

I’ll blow up your body, blow up your soul

I swear I pledge

I’ll expose your mind

I swear I pledge

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The globe of the earth is as flat as my hand


You can drive me nuts

Can’t you please realize

I’m getting cranky

I don’t feel it’s your pride

You make me swallow

Can’t you see that I am

Bigger than you now.

Ö You’re trying to step

In my way, that I understand

You’re blocking my way,

Egotistic predator

You must know I’m not your prey.

Ö Don’t step in my garden

You are not wanted

Don’t walk on my flowers

You are not welcome

Get out of my garden

You can go to hell

Get out of my own life

You can just get lost.

Ö Can’t you see the fence

In your way, says no trespassing

Can’t you understand,

Selfish man, I want you out

Won’t you see I don’t want you?

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To resurrect the past in an emblematic monument


That is my unique empire

Only my slaves can live in it

Run off ass-balls sluts

Out of my place

I’ll kick you down

I’ll punch you in the eyes

I am the lord

Wodan the king of the ring

2- The girls, the boys, the dogs, the cops, the pimps

Are all my militia of love and fear

I am war lord Thor

Mastering is my goal

Seeing human small fry jerking and squirming

Under my bootsole

Drooling, foaming, sliming

Sterile slubberers

3- Walkyries won’t dance here

Virgin maids can only pray

I Thor won’t find them

Herding my sty

If I find them

Netter kneel in mud and muck

Beg for mercy

Dream me clothed in clemency

4- Strip, little boys, naked, I will whip your backs

Bleed dense and thick, boys, drench my clean sidewalk

I will bathe in it

I will relish the taste

Later your dirty bones will be thrown away

To Fenrir’s sharp teeth, to Huginn and Muginn

Who will whet their big beaks till Ragnarok

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Inside is just as fascinating as outside


Slither slide slink among tumbleweeds

Coil up sway uncoil jump bite

Death Valley sun sand stone paradise

Today a nice grey gerbil

Tomorrow a long-tailed rat

2- Rattle rattle rattlesnake

Crawl under a stone in the moonshine

Sleep all you can in the night

Glide out of your hole in the morning

A couple of invaders

Swift bite them deep in the leg

3- They fall they crawl they shout


Dead in the sand

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Imagine yourself on the stage


What can I do for you

Cruising Fifth Avenue

For fresh fry to fuck up

Down in out left right through


2- Come, stunt, you and I

Can perform glorious miracles

Chase and hunt fresh virginal

Still innocent boys and girls

To teach them how life comes along

Hot lion bees

Torrid monsters

Werewolves in heat

Burning vampires

We will make them beg for more

You below waist me over

3- When we are finished one way

We take them upside down front side back

Fill them with our secretions

Saliva, fluids, hormones

4- Hey, stunt,

Let’s go to Central Park

An assortment of new products

Has been delivered

This morning in our hunting ground

They weep they cry they lament

They beg they pray they implore

To be loved and to be used

At our pleasure’s discretion

5- Sweating midgets

Pulpy ladies

Shady young men

Breasts and buttocks

Whips and scourges

6- Take off your hood, stunt,

Kick your shoes away

Drop your shiny costume

Start salivating on them

Free bareback abuse

7- Jump in, stunt, no boundary

No limits barriers restrictions

Enjoy the fresh flesh freely

Make them cum first then bleed

8- Come and bleed to ecstasy

They’ve come to New York to enjoy life

But life leads to death

For our perverse pleasure

They are the willing fodder

Of our extreme instincts

Death and love all in one sanguine force

That can enjoy death in consenting youngsters

But force them too

For heightened delight

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The blue sky is bound to fall on your heads


Keep your flowers

Get lost in the wind

2- Don’t call. My phone is dead

Don’t write either

I’ll burn your letters

3- No chilled champagne

No caviar nor exotic meat

No vodka nor whisky

Not anything. Leave me alone

4- You smile too much to be true

You smell seedy, you crying crocodile

The latest perfume

Advertised on TV for Males in heat

5- Leave me alone

Keep your fingers out of my pants

Keep your eyes off my flesh

Today’s pig tomorrow’s bacon

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Promenade drama and tragedy


Won’t give you up, drop you (drop you)

You’ll leave me one crazy morning when you hear a guitar

Great (Good) Don’t forget to dance (dance)

That will never be (be)

’Cause you’ll never do a thing,

Asshole, you’d better fuck off

Get off and leave me (and leave me)

You won’t ever be a thing (be a thing)

You have got nothing

Got nothing at all

You’ll never go

You’ll never go

You’ll never go (never go)

So I’ll find (’cause you’ll never go)

A sound better than what I play in my best style

You’re gonna hear

So let me show you why you’ll

Never go never go never go

2- ’Cause it’s in my brain

You’ve never heard it so far

Just surges from my pain

Don’t you touch me you know

’Cause I play for me and you

I want to die it’s so confuse

You better try and fucking leave

And let me go let me go let me go

3- ’Cause you have left me now (me now)

Given me up dropped me (dropped me)

You left me one happy morning when hearing a guitar

Great (Good) you’ll forget to dance (dance)

You can’t ever dance (dance)

’Cause you never did a thing,

Asshole, you bloody fucker

You got off left me (off left me)

You never were a thing (were a thing)

You’re pretty nothing

Just nothing at all

You are bygone

You are bygone

You are bygone (are bygone)

So I’ve found (’cause you’ve left me now)

The best sound I’ll ever play in my best style

You will hear it

So let me show you why you

Are bygone are bygone are bygone

4- ’Cause it’s in my mind

You tried hard to spoliate it

Just surges from my soul

Keep away if you please

’Cause I play for me alone

I won’t die lost my confusion

Now that you have finally left

And let me go let me go let me go

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No promenade in Nashville


Open it unscrew

The lid to let suffering out

To prey your flesh to haunt your soul

Long teeth and sharp claws

To ooze gush your blood, slave.

Ö Drop a dripping drop

To the dirty floor

Drip a dropping thought

From your slimy mind.

Ö Scream at the blades

Yell at the blows the blusters

You slave boy

In the slime.

Ö Squall at the bats

Holler at the sticks

Shout at the clubs

That shatter your skull.

Ö You beg out loud

On all fours your rump up in th’ air

You will crawl

In the slime.

Ö My minions will salt

Your skinned and pealed flesh

Y bouncers will all gang bang you

My soldiers will flagellate you

Till you spill your guts

On my palace tiles, slave

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Just a celebration and maybe a ritual sacrament


Cry my friend, I want you bygone

Swear my friend you’ll forget (me)

Swear my fiend you’ll vanish

Bleed in hell

Swear you’ll drop dead.

Ö You blightedly tried

Complete failure

I’ll chase you off

Out of my land.

Ö Weep my friend, you’ll beg me voiceless

Weep my fiend, I’ll whip you dry

Vow my friend you’ll regress

Vow my friend you’ll clear off

Drip in th’ pit

Blazes and flames.

Ö I’ll ruthlessly rule

Your full seizure

I’ll hunt you down

Into your lair.

Ö High time to begin

I’ll end my losing

My life’s a-flying

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The night is so deep in Oregon


Bygones are gone and yet I keep all my dreams

Forget about knowing

You lost track of gold when you let me depart.

Ö In my new place I can see well

I want to become a better man.

Ö Believing is seeing

Byways are small ways yet they all lead to Rome

Knowing may be short-lived

Memories are stronger than heaven-like truth.

Ö In my new nest I can feel well

I want to become a better man.

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And bats are welcome on the empty seats


Coalred Satan, sick Dementor

My skull bursts and cracks, my neck breaks, my life is loose,

My dream dead dull, my nightmare dangles its cold limbs

2- Twin-towering eyes, right bang

A pile ‘f crumbled rubbles, ground zero

Endless blood-black snakes darkly lurk and slither

In the empty plate of my writhing brain and soul

3- My hopes tied to deadly lead

My happiness to earthen grave

Global fright over within that night

Too late to console, to embrace and hug

4- Flesh decays in the moongleams

The slow-sliding tears of my son

My deep-knotting sobs of deranged love

Two sorrow-filled prayers to make me leave

5- Distress psalms, keep apart

Head shrunk, cenotaph

Coffin, hellish past

Head shrunk, no future

Hellish past

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Ain’t they strutting nicely on this stage


You’ll be gone far away

You did tell me in my dream

You saw hell broke out awaste

You did tell me you’re free

You did tell me you’ld go.

Ö Burden-

I feel something got lost in your eyes, you see

(I) sense something collapsed in my passion, you see

I watch something wrecking in your soul, you see

Nothing left for me to try, to try.

Ö I did tell you in your heart

I’ll wait for you always

I did tell you in your dream

I’ll never cast you away

I did tell you I’m yours

I did tell you I’ld stay.

Ö Burden-

You know a storm broke out in my mind, you see

You’ll learn a war broke out in my brain, you see

You’ll taste my great loss deep in my self, you see

No reason for you to cry, to cry.

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You left me in mid-sky flying floating

You are forever swimming away in my eyes

Better for you to know

Better for you to ebb away.

Ö I won’t understand

Why you left me adrift

Why you departed

On such a whim

That day.

Ö You gave me a treasure

Leaving me stranded on this shore

I’ll ne’er forget what I found.

Ö You taught me to watch

Bursting my ties you made me free

Free to enjoy sweet feelings.

Ö I’m sure you’ll never die

For me sure you won’t die


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Is it a blueprint or a model?


Lurking deep in the shadow

I will swallow what’s left of you

In one sole gulp

With all my sharp teeth

Ripping your bloody flesh.

►Let me pick up your slimy bits

Of shattered bone

In human juice.

►Shocking your soul

Stirring your guts way through

Down under the waist

Excite me, spool me — —

Your hands on my thighs

Ready to rape my brains.

►And I saw my whole life go

I can feel you

Penetrating my mind

I’m ranting

[ranting… raving… craving… salivating…]

I’m raving about your dream-catching


[fission… fusion… friction… fracture… delirium … dreamens…]

►You’re trying to enslave my four limbs

nothing more shocking

You’re trying to conquer my mind’s sanity

shockful shocking.

►I want to live alone

But I’m scared deep inside my heart

I’m scared deep down

My belly button windows

I want to live alone

But I’m scared deep deep down sometimes

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Standing audience in front of the tragic platform


Right beyond in the mountains

There still was some snow, a fox hunting

A few blue berries dancing under their leaves

Grey mushrooms in the moss

Delicate heather purplish, brambles dancing

Gorse waltzing

2- But nowhere was my love

A faint fragrance of blue lavender

Nowhere could I find my love

But a smell hanging on th’ air

3- I took a train and searched it

I roamed in parks, streets, alleys

I checked concert halls, theaters ,and bars

I fancied my love dancing swerving swinging

Back home there on the bed

My brain erupted, the dead body, embrace and hug it

4- But somewhere was my love

A fragrance of lavender

Somewhere could I find my love

Despair bleak gloom misery

5- Hands in hands, cheeks to cheeks, limbs on limbs

Lips on lips, skin to skin, hugging

The dead corpse of my love

In my arms

Full of memories

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And this man came from Stratford on Avon


You’re trying hard to catch my dreams

You, dark spirit of the dark night

You’re catching burning my nightmares

2- You should roam freely on the plain

The plain of Spain under rain

You should fly gladly in the sky

You should dance happy in the rain

You should skip rope straight down to hell

You should roll swiftly on your blades

3- Never will I open my door

Never will I give up my soul

Never will I bleed up my heart

Never will I drain down my mind

Never will I open my door

To you, dark carnal dream-catcher

4- I love my dreams galore

I love nightmares quite more

I love my daydreams even more

I love my raving rants galore

5- Never will you invade my eyes

Never will you stain my lips

With words you should never have said

Never will you string up my tongue

With lies you should never have thought

Never will you enter my dreams

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His voice is universal and eternal


In the sliding door

Some cupboard

In the pools and billiards hall

I look around

See nothing

I look back again

At the sliding door

You’re aping me wild

You smile and you smile again and again

You laugh. What a fine surprise! All you!

2- I go out in the street

Back to the station

And the bus that’s taking me home

Or so I hope! But a car is waiting

In mid transfer down the plain.

In the windshield

You smile, of course you smile again and again

You begin laughing; and that is disappointing

Are you full of soul-like love?

I get down off the bus and pick my heavy luggage

Baggage baggage at last found

The car, my wife, a film, Terminator

You smile, of course you smile on the screen

3- Back in the little car

The New York MET opera broadcast

Down the mountain, up the stream

Along the railroad, cross the bridge

And up in the mountain again.

You smile and smile again and again

You begin laughing

All in feathers and hairs

Which are dooming my poor heart to Hell.

4- Later in the evening at home

In the glass of tonic and vodka

Revolving around and around

You are smiling as ever like hell

You are laughing bitter and worse

Put the glass down, tonic and vodka still untouched

You smile, angel, you smile, demon, you laugh

All hell… breaks… out!

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Do not forget to get there one summer


You just repeat, again, again, again

You’ll never shine

You’ll die early, again, again, again.

Ö You’ll never / never find

The smallest treasure in muck / a mucky cesspool

The smallest diamond / oh no / oh no

A green emerald / red ruby

A bluish turquoise / black jewel

No treasure lies in a stack of hay / you know

No riches live in mud / sir

Fly off to the sky / Capture the sunshine

Concentrate the light in your mind

Invent ecstasy


Ö You rant and rave, brain-waste

You just repeat, again, again, again

You’ll never shine

You’ll die early, again, again, again

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So many Ö and Ò and Ó and Ô and Õ


Count Dracula

So lovely, so gay, so charming

Your skin gleams the color of th’ moon

Your eyes twinkling stars in the distant sky

Your smile (yes your smile) shiny fire

Your lips two scarlet pilgrims

Dancing on the roadway

To blissful felicity

Tasteful beatitude

Blood red sex


Of life’s red apple

My tasting nipples

Two crimson cherries

Count Dracula

Of my lust my longing desire my thirst

I crave those firm breasts sheathing my teeth

Ah… No… Splash my lewdness with with your blood

Splash my lewdness

… with your blood

Carnal hunger longs for

The sap of your hot heart

Ebbing and waxing high and powerful

Tidal boosting

Of the expanding fire of my veins engorging on yours


Abraham’s bosom

Heavenly pastures Garden of Eden

Ah… Silky Jerusalem

Count Dracula

Forget your daytime world


Queen of the dark night

Step with me (in the dusk)

On my corporal night-ship


With a shudder a shiver a throb

Your heart embraces mine

My arteries feed your soul

(My mind gives way to yours)

Count Dracula

On my icy chest

Dream and envision

Your new future present and past

You will command the black host

The knights of eternal night

Forever Never to wake up again

In the world of sunshine


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Picasso dared encounter the bard


With all my heart

Could I for sure?

Oh no…

2- You try to see

Through the mist the deep mystery

You try to capture

Of my longing the secret history

Oh no …

3- You try to feel

Under my skin the thick pestilence

You try to heal

My soul my spleen my mind my flesh

Oh no…

4- Try to speak

The words of the Sibyl

That tell the long way

To tomorrow to over there

Where the secrecy breaks up

Oh no…

5- But there are only

Smithereens, Shattereens, fragments


Foul Chattereens

Oh no…

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Don’t look in your boots. The secret is in your heart.


Deep in my mind

Deep in my soul

You burn you blaze you shine you glow

Full of light full of power

Your eyes thunder with angst with love

Every morning deep in my soul

Lovely day deep in my mind

I see you I prey you I love you I want you

2- Lovely day

Heat in my flesh

Heat in my bones

I see I scream I gleam I gloat

Full of lust full of desire

My skin shimmers with love’s passion

Every morning heat in my bones

Lovely day heat in my flesh

You love me you feed me you inject your potion

For me just for me

3- Lovely day

Heat in my mind

Heat in your bones

You swear I vow long lasting love

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And how can we know what we ought to be?


Life is beautiful, they say

But isn’t all that a lie

A sadistic lie, we say

2- Life’s a dream in a mirror

Life’s a bloody crime, asshole

Killing all those who protest

Life’s a deception, brain waste

3- It’s a nightmarish polka

With Satan and Lucifer

Life’s an obsessive disease

That will kill you, you know

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Just feel your heart and let me enjoy your heartbeats


Because I did not know I was dead

But rap finds new life in my songs

2- [I don’t know if I am reborn.]

Doctor in sadism

I molest young female leprechauns

Saddam’s drinking with Osama

I mix iguana ashes in my milk

[Because I did not know I was dead]

I must be Egyptian

I relish the delicious rainbow

Over the pyramids and Sphinx

Gaddafi is howling in the desert

3- We are all blood sucking vampires

What’s the best blood in th’ supermarket

The blood of Christ the bleeding Lord

Of course

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There my heart is bleeding for you, for myself and for Shakespeare

Written by

Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, PhD in Germanic Linguistics (University Lille III) and ESP Teaching (University Bordeaux II) has been teaching all types of ESP

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