This binary choice is not open enough. What about:

1- Man’s image(s) will be rudely reflected back to us (plural assembly of individuals) in INTENDED behaviors and outcomes, INTENDED to be negative by the negative developers;

2- Note the dangling second alternative in the original text: what is thoughtfully created? Man’s image? Of course not, then what? AI itself but that is NOT the subject of this full sentence.

3- AI will be thoughfully created to fulfill the NEGATIVE values that truly benefit us, meaning those who want to get something out of AI for themselves and not for all, which is nothing but the old concept of “class [or any other group] consciousness and interests.”

4- AI is not going to change the “nature” of human beings who are ALWAYS divided between positive and negative values, and of course the developers of AI are human and thus divided between developing AI to satisfy their interests (plural of course) and to thus create privileges and privileged positions for themselves and developing AI to satisfy the needs and desires of the whole humanity (America first, isn’t it?).

5- What about women in this AI development? And all other minority groups?

6- Imagine AI in the hands of white nationalists, white supremacists, KKK, neo-Nazis but also Stalinist communists, fundamental Christians, Islamists, etc. Why should all these ego-centered and selfish groups not have access to AI technology?

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