The True Detective in Trumpic marshy cesspool

First season in New Orleans, fascinating. Second season in Vinci, California, a pale imitation of Los Angeles, totally disappointing. And the symbolism is excruciating. The three men in the five-people band of justice-makers are plainly killed at the end and only two women of this pentacle of self-appointed afficionados of justice survive in, mind you, the capital city of Venezuela. That kind of ending is absurd but it is teh perfect triumph of corruption, and in 2016 that was the announcement of the coming of the most trumpic monsters to Washington that is supposed to be the Bethlehem of democracy and is becoming the pantry of fake capricious whimsical dictatorship without the nerve to proclaim it, even if they declare themselves proud of closing up the governement, though they will not dare.


A very interesting mini-series taking place in New Orleans and Louisiana.

A recent and very disturbing crime, hardly described actually, sends two cops in today’s world back into the past and a similar crime that is described with more detail, though not too much, and especially the two ex-cops who dealt with the crime at the time in 1995 or so. The crime got a solution. In fact a solution was found and the spectacular crime was not repeated but the deeper crime which was the abduction and disappearance of children was never examined in depth because of a blocking element in the family circle of the governor and one of his relative, nephew or whatever, who was a preacher and who had a whole network of religious institutions dealing with the education of children, and yet any piece of inquiry was leading that way, to these institutions, particularly one that was closed after some kind of hushed up scandal.

The two cops who dealt with that older case are both out of the police force and they become, particularly one, suspects or persons of interest for the two modern time cops.

The investigation of the two modernistic cops will lead nowhere. They actually will come across one of the people in the case but they will not know the difference between right and left (or wrong as for that) nor back and front.

The two ex-cop turned private investigators will come to a real solution this time, some kind of a closure but the solution will not be satisfactory because the political and religious establishment in New Orleans will accept you arresting in a way or another one or two of the members of the grass and roots monstrous army that practices children abduction as a sport and entertainment for further games and distractions but not higher than that.

The happy abducted children end up soliciting in New Orleans. The unhappy ones end up being live toys for some adults whose minds are so perverted that the captive will end up in small pieces but death will only ensue long, long, long after the beginning of the live slicing up and live cutting off and live extracting of this or that organ.

The mini-series remains very prudent as for graphic exposure of this violence and torture. The main interest is the effect of it onto the two cops who originally started investigating the case and will bring it so some kind of a satisfactory though partial solution. As one of the two will say: “You can never get them all.” He should have added “You can never get the big fish in such cases.” And you must get yourself satisfied by the fact the big fish authorizes you to take the minnows, their minnows. It is true one minnow down, ten minnows up. Volunteering in this field of human monstrosity is the most common element you can imagine.



If you like messy situations and systematic corrupt police forces and political institutions, this is your series. No matter who you are, if you are on the other side of the road across from some corrupted people, you will die. If you are not corrupted and thus ready to die any time the corruptor will deem it necessary to kill you, then you will die. There is no choice in this world apart from being a corruptor at the top or being a perambulating still not dead character that will sooner than later end up six feet under.

Of course, you can kneel in the middle of a road and pray for a truck to run over you.

Of course, you can, every morning, take some non-lethal dose of cyanide and after a short while, it will accumulate till it kills you.

Of course, you can start shooting with a gun in a street, up in the air if you do not want to kill or wound anyone, but you will end up dead with many bullets from duly-weaponed NRA members or some duly-trained killing cops.

But apart from that, all the rest is circumstantial. I would just advise you to choose a way to die duly avenged before dying. Kill a few and wound the others and they will kill you on the spot.

Entertaining because of that totally rotten vision of a rotten society that does not even try to plead non-guilty. The title is borrowed from a magazine, “True Detective” (originally “True Detective Mysteries”), a pulp magazine that enjoyed fake detective stories and giving details on all sorts of cases that existed or not, but all the details were more or less fantasized, fanciful and maybe even plainly invented.


Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, PhD in Germanic Linguistics (University Lille III) and ESP Teaching (University Bordeaux II) has been teaching all types of ESP

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