The problem is Daily Kos.

They believed so much that they had to fight against Trump and nothing else and that Clinton was going to be elected anyway that they forgot the plain simple thing that no matter what they do to satisfy the establishment, Democrat or Republican, they will remain alienated in the US.

They have to go back to their own experience, their own existence, their own culture, their own blackness and African-ness and not choose which one of the two white establishments they have to support.

When one of the two establishments choose a black man or woman to run for them, then it is simpler. If they whoose a white man or woman then it is more complicated and Daily Kos does not understand that simple thing.

They should have been critical of Clinton during the primaries to be able to make her get out of her standardized discourse and become maybe more pungent and fleshy for the Blacks, and for the Latinos, and for the young, and for the . . . etc. She was reciting a lesson and she was deeply white and nothing else.

She still is, and unable to understand SHE and SHE ALONE lost the battle. Not because Putin did not like her and the Russians did in fact what everyone does in every election: meddle because canvassing and campaigning is meddling.

Why should the Russians not be allowed to do what everyone else does all over the world, and Americans first of all anywhere they choose to do it. Americans here covers both Democrats and Republicans.

Or maybe Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria is not meddling. And Obama publicly supporting the Remain side of the Brexit referendum was not meddling, was it?

Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, PhD in Germanic Linguistics (University Lille III) and ESP Teaching (University Bordeaux II) has been teaching all types of ESP

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