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The picture at the top of the document, if it is relevant to the blog, was not and could not have been taken by the person herself, hence by yourself. There was a second person, identified under the picture as the photographer. If this picture is not relevant to the blog then there is something perverse somewhere. If you think this is a criminal activity from someone, anyone, then there is only one solution: sue for the right you have for your pictures of yourself to be protected, meaning they can only be published with your agreement. Intellectual property. Brigitte Bardot did that quite a lot. And she is not the only one. Though I reckon your intellectual property rights over the pictures of yourself is absolute I do not feel any empathy since your pictures must have been handily accessible, hence out of protection, or even given by yourself to the “distributor.” Once a man sent me a letter that was aggressive. I printed it and posted it with my answer on a public board in my village. The man sued. It did not even go to a judge because when you send a letter to someone it is making it public even if in a limited way. So, I was justified in posting it on the main square of the village. Of course, he had a lot of shrapnel. Either the picture was published by someone you entrusted it to, or it was hacked out of your computer or stolen out of your apartment or purse (if you carry them around in your purse). Then you probably know who did it. So stop complaining and sue him or her.


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