The parallel is dangerous. 1984 was also considered in its time (like Animal Farm) as a vision of the real future of the western world entirely dominated by television as a tool for dictatorship and control. We know that was not right and that there cannot be control through television and even social media. There may be conditioning for some, but control certainly not. The “Russian” electoral “affair” between Putin and Trump is typical as for that. The result was not reached due to any Facebook ads but it was reached because of the deep level of frustration and dissatisfaction of the American lower middle class and deprived unemployed or poor people under the poverty threshold (including Blacks, Latinos and women) not to speak of the anti-federal stance of someone who, once in power, is trying to control everything from Washington DC, and when I say everything, I mean everything, even if he fails.

A book of literature is always a book of literature, otherwise it is a pamphlet or a journalistic article, and even in such cases the author can fall into journalese language and thinking, into what becomes ranting and raving because not attached to real problems. Utopian and dystopian literature is full of books that were not confirmed by the real future, even Jules Verne’s technical and scientific visions of the future.

The divide between literature and pamphlet has to be clearly considered and NOT trespassed.

Written by

Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, PhD in Germanic Linguistics (University Lille III) and ESP Teaching (University Bordeaux II) has been teaching all types of ESP

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