That’s typical of the USA because mining is a private business. Coal mines were nationalized in Europe and the closing up of them was an easy government’s decision and negotiations took place with the unions.

It led to many important strikes in France and in England but not in other countries.

But the mines were closed and alternative activities were developed, not always as fast as necessary but that type of restructuring is tricky and not easy.

It can only be done if all sides work together otherwise we go to conflicts but in the end coal mines have to close. Even China knows and is doing it. South Africa is next.

So to pretend he is going to reopen them is absurd on Trump’s side and people believing that is purely shooting a bullet not in their own feet but right through their brains.

But you are right such ideological beliefs or attitudes are more than persistent and are often in our changing world the fuel of extreme fascistic or communistic bloody (shedding blood) adventures.

Written by

Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, PhD in Germanic Linguistics (University Lille III) and ESP Teaching (University Bordeaux II) has been teaching all types of ESP

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