That’s just the problem. We have to get out of such a dichotomy if we want to simply understand the world, understand ourselves in the world. There are not and there cannot be ONLY two ways. There are or is a multiplicity of ways.

1- A human being is first a body and there we only have physical and physiological “desires” and it would be better to say “impulses.”

2- A human being is a mind second and this level makes the possibilities enormously varied if we use our conceptualizing power — and language — properly: abstract concepts leading to religion, philosophy and science; words in their rich contents and forms that lead to all sorts of linguistic capture of the world and address to the world.

3- A human being is then and lastly necessarily invested in a social communicational and collaborative situation without which the species would not survive, let alone each individual, and here empathy is the only way to live in any satisfying way and that empathy is what you call love.

Conclusion: If you reduce the choice to “desire” and “love” you have a tremendously reduced and reductive approach to human life.

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