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He even looks sneaky: why do people believe him?

Amazon Prime is proposing their Prime customers with series and films that are a real original trove of pleasure and enjoyment. The following season is one thriller seen from the point of view of a con man who is always trying to cheat others out of their most of the time badly earned money. He hesitates in front of no difficulty though he considers he must not kill, but make other people kill one another is definitely his favorite. When an opponent is dead, killed by another opponent, the road is more open and freer.

What’s more, Sneaky Pete is not Pete at all but an unauthorized borrower of someone’s else name. In other words, he is a constant liar and a permanent trickster. And the real Pete is just unable to let everyone know the truth.

But one thing is sure — and that is not the only series of the type at Amazon Prime — this series is very keen on covering three generations of people from grandparents to grandchildren with kids of the fourth generation, women as many as men, and Indians, Blacks, Asians and Browns in a real salad bowl of diversity. And they are all on all sides: the good ones, the bad ones, the in-between ones, and even the ethical mongrels of “bil” and “evad.”

So enjoy the shenanigans of this Sneaky Pete.

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Money! Money! Money!


No cops and robbers in this series. Cops are marginal and not clean, especially mentally. They are like grown-up young teens and they are easy to con, and con is the master word in this case. Pete is of course not who he says he is but is he Marius all the same? Of course not. He is just no one, just a con man who, as he says at the end, does not get attached, the first rule in his job and life. He is a con man and so far he was working in this season with his brother and a female friend of them plus a few more auxiliaries to build a super-duper con against a casino boss in Chinatown, New York, well casino, maybe, rather poker room to make easy money with the thrill of some clandestine subterranean game room for the rich customers of this world and with a lot of cheating, let’s say card dealing, by some card dealer who is good at it. A conflict of no importance whatsoever on the side of Marius, aka Pete, leads him to prison and he has a debt of some 120,000 dollars to some big mafia “entrepreneur.” Hence the con job.

The target is very big and the procedure is very delicate. So Marius has to be Pete, the son of a mother who left her family long ago when Pete was something like 11 or 12. He and his brother were raised by their grandparents. The grandparents have a bail bond business that is surviving with difficulties but they have a lot of money right at the beginning and the plan is for Pete to impersonate the gone-away son and grandson who left his family twenty years ago or so and to get the money of some Native American character who has deposited 120,000 dollars in the bail bond shop, a debt that is coming due on next Monday.

Pete, alias Marius is chased by some police officer from New York, as well as his parole officer from New York too, and that makes things complicated. No more details. Enjoy the series. The end is even touching and the second season starts very well with a final last resort kidnapping and blackmailing case with a gun in the landscape. Pete will have to perform again.

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All of them plain bad guys, especially the girl!


Pete is not only sneaky, he is also complicated since he is no Pete at all and yet remains Pete in spite of all. The real mother of the real Pete is a psychic somewhere in some more or less hazy society of psychic selling their visions incognito. But some very bad Eastern European mafia chap, a certain Lucas, comes up and remembers that this mother is the woman who stole him 11 million dollars and he wants to get her back into the picture, even though it is said she is dead. But only one person, the real Pete, knows where she might be and who she is. So he has to be taken out of prison and the two Petes are now together again but under fake identities. Pete is Marius and Marius is Pete.

Once the mother is found they have to deal with Lucas who has plenty of bad guys under his command to kill everyone. It all turns around a buffalo — sorry bison — in some Indian Casino, the Indian casino whose money the family bail bond business is laundering. Complicated.

Pete then has to do something and his only interest is to get the 11 million dollars for himself and his team. But the mother does not want that. She wants to give the money back to Lucas. But the whole business is so arranged that something does not work the way it should and Lucas gets killed. Then the mother has to destroy the money but after she has shifted the 100 dollar bills and replaced them with one dollar bills.

In other words, the con men only get something like ONE million dollars but for a team of ten or twelve. Not very good indeed. Add to that the killing of a “rotten” or rather “maybe rotten” cop by grandmother Audrey, and some kind of girl who is on bail and has to be protected, and a con man hired by the grandfather to make some stealing of bail money appear as a robbery is killed in the bail bond office, and a few other side stories. Thrillingly impossible anyway like replacing $100 bills for an amount of 11 million dollars by $1 bills. That makes how many bills? 110,000 $100 bills. Where can you find that? How long would it take to do the exchange and how could it be done under the nose of gangster Lucas since the money is hidden right inside his own office?

But well. Fun is fun and it is all the funnier when it is just plain impossible.

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The Indian casino

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Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, PhD in Germanic Linguistics (University Lille III) and ESP Teaching (University Bordeaux II) has been teaching all types of ESP

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