Racially Biased Here and There In Chicago

7 min readAug 13


It is entirely centered on Hank Voight, the boss of the Intelligence Section, a team that develops a family dependence among its members, you accept it or you move on. It started with the principle that everything is permitted to get to the truth or a confession, for several male members of the team, and first of all the boss. But obviously, George Floyd, and a few other affairs which are, in fact, nothing but police crimes, have brought some restraint and they rediscovered around season 5 or 6 that there is a book somewhere and that this book has to be respected by all, except Hank Voight who goes on crossing red lines but forbidding all other members to follow his example. They all have to work BY THE BOOK, except Hank Voight who does not know what the book really is, though I think he knows what the book says … for the other members of the team, not for him, please. So, yes, they use interrogation and investigation methods that are close to torture and rights denial, yet they cannot be seen as racist, though many of their customers are black.

From time-to-time rotten cops appear in the picture from other units and they are chased down, even if they are the top boss of the Police Department or the prospective first black mayor who is a preacher in not so much civilian life. Season 7 is typical. A black agent from Intelligence is working with a white agent- from another district, solving a crime and then they move to celebrate a little bit, but on the way to the selected bar, the white cop sees a young black man in the street with a big duffle bag showing what he has in this bag to another black man. The white cop requires the young black man to show what he has in his bag, thinking and saying it must be drugs. He is biased and racist. He chases the young black man into some private building. Gunshots. The black cop from Intelligence decides to investigate. He finds the young black man dead, shot by the white cop, and the white cop severely wounded by two other black men who were in the building before all that happened, wounded severely and he will die later.

The Black member of Intelligence decides after a lot of advice requested from…


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