Psycholinguistics, the keystone of the post-pandemic era.

4 min readJul 4, 2021

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As was decided in our congress on June 4–5, I am in the process of collecting information about various institutions and organizations to widen the audience of ISAPL for the next congress in two or three years.

Paris is a central place for these contacts since Alliance Française, UNESCO, and UNICEF are all headquartered in this city.

The present file contains information about the various institution already quoted plus the Chinese Embassy and their Cultural Center and the South Korean Cultural Center.

Many other institutions could be concerned, and I am welcoming suggestions. But I have to build a short file to point out our interests and our expectations.

I would like all members of ISAPL, contacted by email, but also all members of the public to suggest what they think our priorities should be along several lines :

1- Applied psycholinguistics in the field of language teaching, both first languages and foreign languages.

2- Applied psycholinguistics in the field of teaching and sharing cultures in all possible dimensions, including the spiritual side of culture that can be artistic, religious, or meditational (Buddhism, Zen, Yoga, etc.)

3- Applied psycholinguistics in translation: why translate, how can it be done fairly, how can it bring to the foremost its fundamental dimension of contact and exchange among people who are different in language, culture, and many other ways.

4- Applied psycholinguistics in the study and discovery of the long phylogenetic emergence of human articulated language as soon as Homo Sapiens had developed its long-distance fast bipedal running capability around 300,000 years ago.

5- Applied psycholinguistics and the Artificial Intelligence revolution in distance learning and standard learning after the pandemic.

This is an amplification of the email I have sent this afternoon to the people who attended our last congress. Here is the email for those who did not receive it.

Apart from direct contacts with a few organizations I have collected information on Alliance Française (Paris), UNESCO


Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, PhD in Germanic Linguistics (University Lille III) and ESP Teaching (University Bordeaux II) has been teaching all types of ESP