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That’s, by far, the strangest fantasy I have read for a while. It is a fantasy in a world that does not exist, a world of clannish packs, all headed by an Alpha dedicated to an abstract value. I have listed the alphas of Desire, Devotion, Love, Discipline, Vengeance, Power, Independence, Freedom, Purity, and I may have missed a few. The only godly creature is the Moon Goddess who is, in fact, a prisoner of the Moon and is a young girl more than anything else, an eternal young girl who would never age. She is named Millicent. Then you have a list of characters, some Alphas, some not. The most important ones are Cyprian, the instigator of a rebellion against the pack system, Fate who has his own agenda and wants the death of the Moon Goddess, Jasper and Grayson who are Phantom Wolves, in other words werewolves that are contained by a silver ring and that are the result of a curse cast on them in an old rivalry among the Alphas when Millicent, the Moon Goddess was also cursed to be locked up in the moon seen as a plain prison, which is true since the man in the moon has never been able to come down to earth, not even back with Armstrong. Note only one Alpha is a woman, Faye. This system is vastly male-dominated, hence phallocratic.

That’s the first characteristic of the novel. The main central character is Lexia, a woman, and yet she is nothing but instrumental in the various plots the Alphas are entertaining among themselves. It sounds like Washington DC in fantasy terms. The Alpha of the Senate, the Alpha of the House of Representatives, the Alpha of the White House, the Alpha of the State Department, the Alpha of the Supreme Court, the Alpha of the Pentagon, etc. All of them are embroiled in a war for dominance. Sick and sickening. Women are nothing but objects you grasp by the pussy, you grope by the backside, you harass, in one word, by all means and ends. That kind of male-dominated and male chauvinistic world is hateful, I mean full of hate and inciting witnesses — and readers — to be full of hate for anything you may think of.

The next characteristic is that this world is male-chauvinistic, a plain world of pigs that would be well inspired to turn into bacon so that we would get rid of them and eat what is edible in them: in these pigs most of it is discardable and maybe even plainly venomous or poisonous. The only objective of all the Alphas is to be united with their women they are supposed to love and they in fact only desire with lust and nothing else but lust. Women on the other hand only have one objective to be with their alphas and be their mates, submissive, subservient and subdued (with at least forty more words that could apply) “Lexia is nothing but a resolutely submissive woman.” Sexual diversity is inexistent, not to mention gender diversity, meaning orientation diversity. Of course, there is no ethnic diversity. An all-white and all-straight and all-male-centered world. After a while, this becomes slightly boring. And, mind you, when there is a slight problem in such mating, the alphas can use magic that makes the females just plain be vegetative vegetables to be consumed anyway the male magician decides.

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The cover with the Alpha male on top.

The last characteristic of this world is that it is managed by caprices, whims and whimsical little tyrants who want to control everything or destroy everything they cannot control. In other words, it is a world in which the upper class, extremely limited in number, that is controlling the mass of people regrouped in packs, some sort of castes, this upper class is the locale of constant strife and hostility, war and struggle from every single individual in order to take control and dominate the whole society, hence all the clans or packs. The only objective apart from this fascistic target is to take possession of the female mates they have chosen. That world is absolutely unreal and all the light sexy remarks in the novel culminate in the final love scene between Grayson and Lexia, Lexia saying “I want you” and Grayson taking her without even bothering to consider her acquiescence. She is nothing but hunter’s game and in a way a bedroom and bedsheets game, a sort of erotic monopoly. But do not panic, because you do not have to, since the culminating erotic scene is less than two pages, and what’s more quite tamed as for graphicness.


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Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, PhD in Germanic Linguistics (University Lille III) and ESP Teaching (University Bordeaux II) has been teaching all types of ESP

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