Peter's principle in which incompetence is replaced by stupidity. In this case, Ukraine, what is happening right now is the confrontation of a millennia-long rivalry between Ukraine, the thinkers and the spiritualists, and Russia, the down to earth, the pragmatists. In fact, it is a tale of two cities, Kiev and Moscow. The Ukrainians are thinkers, inspired believers, visionaries, spirituals leaders, or at least they want to be. So industry, mining and even field-work are good enough for the Russians, the mujiks from Russia who were serfs if not slaves up to the 1860s. The Orthodox intelligentsia of Kiev sees itself as a collective Christ leading the world to the second coming. There is nothing stupid in that. There is a long heritage from when the Slav(on)s arrived in Europe after the peak of the Ice Age, something around 15,000 BCE. Within one branch of Indo-European languages, two very close languages, two dialects of the same language, Russian and Ukrainian, managed to be mapped, the first one on the simple people who fight and toil, and the other on the Orthodox Intelligentsia who thinks, guides, meditates, looks for the old spirituality that has become the Sanskrit Vedas, Hinduism and Buddhism on the Indo-Aryan branch of this vast Indo-European migration from Iran to Europe (two routes, Mediterranean Romance and Caucasian Celtic, Germanic and Slav) and to India (probably two routes too, if not three. The two Christian churches, Catholic and Orthodox, will map themselves onto the diversified two branches of the Indo-Europeans and in the same but more complex way three religions will map themselves onto the Indo-Aryan migration, Hinduism (the Vedas first, etc.), Buddhism (the Dhammapada, etc) and Islam (the Quran). And we know the result. And all that must have evolved from the old Iranian tradition of Zoroastrianism. We have a similar result in Ukraine. No stupidity, just history in the making, and human beings are only pawns on the chessboard of the geography of this world.

Written by

Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, PhD in Germanic Linguistics (University Lille III) and ESP Teaching (University Bordeaux II) has been teaching all types of ESP

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