Only one crib for humanity: Black Africa

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No escape and Articial Intelligence at the end of the road

Psychodrama in Psychomechanics

This book, this multilateral comparative method and the result of archaeology are a psychodrama for the pure of mind and simple of heart psychomechanics-priests who believe the origin of language is not a question and concentrate their vision (in the singular) onto the mental psycho-construction of potential trunks cut off from all real roots and only growing real branches. They hide the forest with only one tree-trunk of mental power.

And for them, psychomechanics is contained in Gustave Guillaume’s lessons that cannot be revised and cannot be changed even if new discoveries say they should. They go on pretending agglutinative languages and isolating languages are in the same mental chamber, the lowest one. They go on saying Semitic languages are in the second chamber, one step higher and they go on saying Indo-European languages are in the top chamber, at the top of the Dark Tower of Babel, sitting at the feet of the Crimson King waiting for the arrival of some Gunslinging Roland.

And in five minutes archaeology will bring all that down with three linguistic articulation in the phylogeny of language and no hierarchy but a process of development and growth. Remember the seed gives birth to the plant that eventually blooms and this will produce a new seed to give birth to a new plant once the old one is dead. Seed-plant-bloom-seed.

The communicational situation prompts, requires and demands the simultaneous and reciprocal growth and development of the mind and language that enable more communication in the communicational situation. Any hierarchical approach is plainly ideological, if not discriminatory.

Greenberg and Ruhlen are thus pioneers of the cognitive psychomechanics of the 21st century. Too bad for the psychomechanics-priests who have forgotten to get themselves locked up in some Read-Only-Memory.

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All Abbey Roads lead to AI devices

Research Interests: Cognitive Psychology, Languages and Linguistics, Origin of Language, Linguistic Typology, Gustave Guillaume et Psychomechanics

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Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, PhD in Germanic Linguistics (University Lille III) and ESP Teaching (University Bordeaux II) has been teaching all types of ESP

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