Not quite correct.

First, these big companies, at times quasi-trusts, make money because of their openness, so they do not want to limit it for any reason at all.

Second, as long as being open to hate speech or extreme scenes of violence or whatever, nudity, sex, gay anything, etc, does not cost them customers, or fines in some countries where laws have been passed against some of these items, they are not motivated to move and decide to ban this or that. But if tomorrow, in Europe particularly, they have to face lawsuits and big fines, they will change and fast their rules in these countries. It is ingrained in the absolute unregulated free speech of some extreme libertarian people in the USA and a few other countries that no limit can be imposed on any speech, discourse, or declaration.

They only stop short when the free speaker decides to draw a gun and shoot his moderating opponents in the name of his freedom of expression.

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