My dear Sim,

You miss a few things. But first let me tell you I liked your comic strip though liking means nothing.

You missed the architect who devised the Matrix and is defeated in the end.

You missed the black oracle, the fact that SHE is BLACK. Two elements that go against the all male and white Matrix. Is there one black Mr Smith? And is Smith a black name? More English than that you die, your head on the anvil and the hammer banging on your skull.

But more than anything else you missed the sacrifice in the last film, when the hero goes to negotiate with machines some kind of truce that will enable him to defeat the numerous Mr Smiths and the architect, hence the Matrix.

He is visually crucified on the screen at that moment. He is the savior because he is a new Jesus. That religious dimension is the prison of the mind I am thinking of.

We are so dependent on ideological, religious, symbolical, iconic images, concepts and conceptions that we cannot evade such cliches and caricatures of free thinking.

Any situation can only be conceived as having to be solved by a savior. Trump the quacking quack is the savior (in this case the architect who is going to invent and implement the Matrix that will save the USA) of the USA and I am afraid Clinton thinks she is the oracle of the USA.

We are so locked up in such shortcuts that are not even a semblance of thinking that we have to have a sacrifice, a crucifixion. Trump making Clinton bark like a “bitch” in his March 16 hostile TV ad is typical. He is sacrificing Clinton on his altar of bigotry.

But do not believe Clinton is free from this way of thinking. She is right now sacrificing her main contender on the Democratic side to become the savior or should I said savioress of the USA?

That’s what I mean by the prison of dependence.

We are the slaves of metaphors, similes, sketchy conceptions inherited from millennia of history and evolution. We are the slaves of our past ideological constructions that were only expanding those from before. Christianity is only one “recent” form of religious belief that is nothing but the development of all religious beliefs before (during the 350,000 years of human history). And do not think one instant that science of technology are different. Any scientific theory today is nothing but the continuation of theories from before and just as erroneous and incomplete as the theories from before.

So the Matrix is the promise of a liberation within the enslaved mind to a universe that evolves according to its own rules that have nothing to do with human thinking. The Matrix is the universe and we are not even a speck of dust in that universe. We pretend we are something whereas we are nothing.

And to add a god to that does not change our fate and lot one single iota, except in our enslaved minds that are addicted to dependence to the point of inventing a supreme dominator to whom we can obey and from whom we can beg for assistance in our dependence.

Be sure that in this destiny the only saving element is love and our capacity at loving everyone including our enemies. My dear Sim be sure I love you because your comic strip amused me and your challenge distracted me from the serious challenges of life.


Written by

Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, PhD in Germanic Linguistics (University Lille III) and ESP Teaching (University Bordeaux II) has been teaching all types of ESP

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