Listen to the trumpet ring and the whip lash

Multimedia slavery

Screening is inescapable, dixit Kevin Kelly, the Great KK!



They tell us there is no escape from all the screens that are going to invade our life and environment, and be sure, if there is some money to make out of this new slavery they will impose it onto us. We are their guinea pigs and mules and we will cultivate their cotton fields while they crack their whips on well-tempered airs and on our backs if need be.

Imagine the world in ten years when screens are everywhere:

From the screen(s) in our bedroom when we are woken up by the clocking in alarm;

To the screens in our bathroom to tell us to wash properly behind our ears;

To the screens in our kitchen mixing our cereals with milk, sour or not for breakfast;

To the screens in our cars or our buses or our subway trains to go to work;

To the screens at our workplace, everywhere including the toilets to entertain us with live music canned in a screen,

To the same as in the morning when going back home in our cars, in our buses, in our subway trains, in the streets too;

To the screens in our home for supper and for television in the evening and in the bathroom to make sure we brush our teeth on the proper rhythm;

To our bedroom till we go to sleep and yet still going on all night to make sure we learn our lesson properly.

Good morning at all hours in the day not to Big Brother but to Big Regressive and Repressive Womb with a screen all the time there like an umbilical cord that feeds us our submissive sauce, drug, morphine, etc.

What’s more all these screens can be eyes and they look at you, at your face, at your eyes and they know everything about you, even the type of porn you watch in secrecy and in privacy, and even the one you dream of in your mental closet, and they cabn satisfy on the screen in your glasses or on the screen on the microchips embedded in your brain anything you have wanted to see and had never dared ask Mum, Dad, your teachers, the local cops, your bosses, your priests, your friends and even your MPs.

That’s why it is high time we start becoming screen-literate and we learn how to analyze the messages, decipher the shackles they contain and liberate our brains and minds from the gladiator’s net they are throwing onto us to keep us prisoners in that dungeon of multimedia screened slavery.

I dedicate this long collection of views and reviews to those who maybe still want to dream of a world that the screens could not control, and particularly my friends Ivan, Serban, Michel, José, Maïté, Paula and a few others who may know what is coming. If we can’t avoid this inescapable, at least let us learn how to tame it, maybe control it. Catch the elephant by the Trump and look into its eyes and maybe we might be permitted to mesmerize it.

Dr. Jacques Coulardeau, Olliergues, February 14, 2017

Annunzio Coulardeau’s funnelled vision

Dr Jacques Coulardeau, cinema and television @ Academia.ed &


Published Research (March 2013 to today) & Reviews (February 2 to December 18, 2016)


Published on Jan 1, 2017

Cinema and television have become obsessions in me over the years and today with the large flat screen we have, with a universal, all zone and all standard DVD reader we can access all the films that are available in the whole world on a digital medium.

In the following pages, which are more a book than a paper, I have brought together all the full studies published at Amazon Kindle or on (these studies are extensive and I only give the presentation and the front page of them. Then I have collected all the reviews published on various sites, particularly various Amazon national branches over about the last eleven months.

Be sure I also have plenty of music, operas, books and other cultural artifacts in the field of research and reviews (I just finished a 13,000 word article on Benjamin Britten’s operas), plus creative writing (the lastest poetry volume is An Untellable Story, A Dramatic Confession, The Nineteen stations of Saraphic Love, Amazon Kindle, ASIN B00UP4CX88) and at the same time I go on with my basic research on the phylogeny of language with Homo Sapiens over the last 250,000 years, plus the psychogenetics of language in our modern world from before birth to adult age.

For you to be able to find what is in this volume I have built a full table of contents with hyperlinks. Have a good navigation.

Olliergues, France, December 22, 2016

Illustrations Annunzio Coulardeau

Annunzio Coulardeau’s tunneled vision




Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, PhD in Germanic Linguistics (University Lille III) and ESP Teaching (University Bordeaux II) has been teaching all types of ESP

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Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, PhD in Germanic Linguistics (University Lille III) and ESP Teaching (University Bordeaux II) has been teaching all types of ESP

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