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Stephen King — Under the Dome –

A Military-Industrial X-File Plot


The Queen is Dead, Long Live the Queen
Realistic Racism or Racist Realism

You have all reasons to be afraid. The world, the cosmos, the universe are against you and you will fail.

That’s the absolute pessimism of the series. There is no hope and your victory, bringing a dome down, is only the first step of the final invasion, just like Brexit is the first step towards the absolute homogenization of the world, homogenization in diversity, and not the fake superficial and rather limited diversity of the sexes (only two, more or less) or genders (about at least twelve with all orientations) but the diversity of absolutely all differences seen as an asset for all, including extraterrestrial differences if they exist or appear one day, brought back by some cosmonaut, astronaut or spationaut from the vast cosmos.

The novel was quite open on the extraterrestrial dimension. The series has become totally centered on that element.

The novel revealed how every single difference could become the cause of some segregation or violence. The series keeps that element but introduces the concept of a kinship, supposedly of extraterrestrial origin, but that is a totalitarian organization: absolute obedience (obey or die) and dependence (be dependent and survive), total submission (submit or die), final sense of sacrifice (be ready to sacrifice your life for the survival of the kinship and survive till the time has come for your sacrifice)

The book as well as the series, though the series maybe more, suggests the fact that some people are born with the gene of domination. No matter what circumstances they may find themselves in, these individuals (they are never groups of people and if we have a group it is a group of dependent people with one among them who is the real leader) will always get on top.

Successful in second hand business (second hand car dealership), then mayor of the city (or whatever it may be called, first selectman for example), then tyrant of the isolated community, and then after liberation Congressman and if you think of “House of Cards” the White House in perspective. This vision is very common and has neither been proved nor disproved, though some people seem to think you must have suffered in a way or another to develop that mental orientation of a leader. Others think you need to have a special gene somewhere like the Wanderlust gene DRD4–7R. Some also believe these individuals have been inspired by some divine force or cosmic influence, and this last approach has very popular forms like believing it was raining intelligence when someone was born.

We are dealing here with some modern science fiction that should bring up myriads of questions beyond simply enjoying the show.

Research Interests: Gay And Lesbian Studies, Horror Film, Science Fiction, Dictatorships, Crime, The X Files, Horror, Fantasy Literature, Children’s Literature and Science Fiction, Serial Murder, Tyranny, Special Operations Forces, Drug Dealing, Law Reform, Harm Reduction, and Prisoners Families

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Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, PhD in Germanic Linguistics (University Lille III) and ESP Teaching (University Bordeaux II) has been teaching all types of ESP

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