In my mountain, a castle chapel of at leastr the 9th century is dedicated to light and Mary-Magdalene. One of teh symbols is a swastika, but in the other direction than the Nazi one. In fact it is presented as being a Buddhist swastika and Japanese. But this swastika is at teh very same time as Beowulf. How did it arrive in the small village of Pignols (“the place of the pine cones”) and the pinecone is the symbol of Demeter, the triple goddess carved in the stone under the roof. So i do not understand your surprise with Anglo Saxon Fylfot Brooch, 6th Century CE. Norfolk, England. I would think that this swastika is part of teh Christianization movement in Europe because it is a symbol of light, the light of the Lord. And this should tickle you because the Arabic name Nordine, Noureddine, Nourredine, and other spelling mean “Light of teh Lord.” I would agree with youabout the white supremacist presence in academe, and not only in Anglo-Saxon studies. But in these fields universities are a lot more stringent against anyone who shows some autistic symptom, particularly the Asperger type, because these Asperger people cannot accept corruption, untruth, social climbing and a few other elements that are basic in academe. I had an article refused on Beowulf because I analyzed the gender ambiguity of Beowulf himself since beo is a bee and feminine and wolf is a wolf and masculine. This ambiguity is all along in the poem present obsessively. Think of the killing of the mother of the monster for ONE example. The person who refused the article (only one with no second opinion) was a woman. I do not think ii is ONLY a question of race. Anglo-Saxonists in Europe are mostly white because there has not been any other candidates till recently. Also think of the fact most of them are also men and not women. And the case i just quoted is a woman who does not want to envisage gender in Beowulf, hence she is a male chauvinist sow.

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Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, PhD in Germanic Linguistics (University Lille III) and ESP Teaching (University Bordeaux II) has been teaching all types of ESP

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