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Radcliffe on the brink

Another film on white supremacists, of direct Nazi inspiration, and entangled in the nostalgia of the Confederation in the South. Another film on infiltrating such a magma of movements in order to get down upon them and prevent them from getting into violent action which is shown and said to be their basic instinct. Nate then infiltrates this jungle and manages to sort out a very dangerous group who are in bombs. What’s clear is that this domestic terrorism is far more dangerous than foreign terrorism because they have millions of weapons at their disposal in the USA and they have tens of thousands of people ready to volunteer to attack and kill blacks, Indians, Latinos, and so many other Jews, gay people, lesbian women not to speak of all these trans-something that make them feel like swooning, falling in the apples, having a retching fit that may bring them close to some tomb, their tomb, along with two or three people they would club down like mashed potatoes.

This is unluckily encouraged by the politicians and other members of the elite of the country building their populist success on anti-immigrant, anti-migrant, anti-Muslim and even anti-Jewish propaganda and all kinds of public expression, supposedly free, and if that leads one or two people to pick UP a gun and shoot twelve people, that’s too bad and that has to do with the mental sanity of this shooter.

This film is maybe too simple, not deep enough, not vast enough. No comparison with Blackkklansman and one thing is missing: the fact that in the end, you will get some champagne, but then it is finished, which is, by the way, the case though it is not that clearly and brutally said. But Nate would better change regions now because sooner or later he will be recognized by the people he met in his underground mission, just the way a black man nearly blew his cover in a demonstration when he recognized Nate and called after him. To be undercover is good, but you have to be undercover as far as possible from the place where you live, where you are known.



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