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I (Dr. Jacques COULARDEAU) have been working with these researchers and this publisher for several, maybe many after all, years rather freely as for the topics and the methods. They understand that there cannot be any discussion if the people who are discussing any issue or topic are not different.

Blindness is absurd when it is in the mind. Color blindness is racism under another name. Religion-blindness, like in France, leads to repression of some religious practices that do not want to be invisible, unseen, blind-struck. Poverty-blindness is a loincloth for the obscene rejection of homeless people, ungraduated individuals, marginal, different, at times autistic human beings.

That’s the first element I find interesting in this research project. It tries to listen to everyone and discuss all points of view from creationism to the vastest conception of the phylogenic evolution of rocks as well as boys, girls, men, and women, without forgetting poetry, films, music, arts, and science, all sciences.

I always remember André Joly’s angry remark against Descartes, one of the French scientists and philosophers best known in the world for open-mindedness, innovation, and logical research methodology, at least as creative as if not more than Socrates and Plato teaching mathematics to a slave boy of 12. Why André Joly’s anger? He had read Descartes’ introductory remarks to some scientific and philosophical book of his where he explained that proving the world is governed by simple scientific rules and laws that are said to be natural, is the best way to prove the existence of God. André Joly considered God should be banned from any intellectual or scientific activity. In one word, he was French. That was in the late 1980s.

Molière will always be the best, even in classic alexandrines (sorry no translation available of the following lines):

“Cachez-moi donc ce dieu d’enfer, de perdition,

Dieu de soufre et d’encens. Ne jamais concevoir

Cette logique horreur qui tue pure raison

Vous enferme l’esprit dans le sang d’un ciboire”




Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, PhD in Germanic Linguistics (University Lille III) and ESP Teaching (University Bordeaux II) has been teaching all types of ESP