Hey man you sound like a closet homosexual of the 1960s. I cannot make you meet Simone Weil, unluckily, but she would have literally pulled your balls out, I mean your eyeballs of course, for all the BS (in fact Elephant S because it is very vegetal and lacks a lot as for beefy proteins) you dare say about women and men. You must be at the most under 25 to ignore so much of the recent — very recent — past. But I agree women are good enough for Kinder, Küche und Kirche, as Hitler used to think, at least I agree with you in the moments when I just hope I could die instantly to get out of this world of anti-anything, you name it you have it. You are anti-women’s lib. I cannot stand people who define themselves as being against, anti-Ø.

Written by

Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, PhD in Germanic Linguistics (University Lille III) and ESP Teaching (University Bordeaux II) has been teaching all types of ESP

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