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Guided Self Learning

Jacques Coulardeau

AIPL, Association Internationale de Psychomécanique du Langage, Montgeron, France.

Received: January 17, 2019;

Accepted: January 31, 2019;

Published: February 1, 2019

*Corresponding author: Jacques Coulardeau,

AIPL, Association Internationale de Psychomécanique du Langage, Montgeron, France.

Tel: (33)-7 88 84 22 57 / (33)-9 64 04 91 66,



In our days of Artificial Intelligence, smartphones and all Internet of Things that provide us with myriads of connected objects at a very early age, education has to be transformed to integrate the searching power these means of communications, in fact first of all means of exploration-incorporation, provide every single individual in our society. They have become the main means of development for masseducation in a knowledge society. I will at first start from the mental architecture of a learner and move to the fundamental transference phenomena that command the motivation of a learner and a selflearner has to live on his own motivation. Then I will move to the role and responsibility of the Conceptor-Designer of a batch of selflearning work based on the choice expressed by the Self-Learner, from the resources provided or suggested by the batch to the tasks to be fulfilled. Everything is hegemonies by the type of needs and activities the learner will have to face and assume in his future professional field. The Self-Learner will have to target what is in his “zone of proximal development” to be most effective. That will lead us to the triadic guided self-learning situation centered on the Self-Learner but with the guidance from the Conceptor-Designer on one side and the real professional world represented by the Coach-Counterpart-PartnerDoppelganger that accompanies the Self-learner in his voyage on the other side. The Internet, in its present development, is the real toolbox the Self-Learner has at the tip of his fingers constantly. That will lead us to the Boolean logic of the Internet that has to be understood and dominated by the Self-Learner, at times against the interests of the search-engine the Self-Learner uses. I will end with one particular batch — called a triad — of self-learning work proposed in Fall 2018 to the CEO of a medical startup, which will bring the type of contract that can be signed by the company and the Conceptor-Designer who only sells Intellectual Property to the company.


Motivation, autonomy, flexibility, self-learning, professional life, communication, AI, Boolean Logic, Internet, Deep Learning

Open access

Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, PhD in Germanic Linguistics (University Lille III) and ESP Teaching (University Bordeaux II) has been teaching all types of ESP

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