Granted, Man, granted. I am an old fox who has lived in many forests in the world, including North Carolina in 1969–70 and in California in 1973–74 and many more happy returns since my wife is from Davis. O have gone to at least twenty countries for professional work, long or short, from one week to one year in Africa, Asia, and a great deal of Europe.

You are right: in no time if two more die the court could be completely refashioned, provided the proposed individuals are accepted by the Senate and a ONE vote majority is not very sustainable.

What’s more there are mid-terms elections in two years. We should prepare for those, not as a revenge but with a dream for the future and not a desire to stop him or whoever it may be. Hostility in politics brings in support to the targeted.

You may be right in your pessimistic view, but when I see how Brexit is un-knitting itself under our very nose by the single efforts of Tudor May or Clown Boris, not to speak of Faraminous Farage, I trust Trump to make a fool of himself within three months if it is not already starting.

But I am working in long run history since my specialty is the phylogeny of language for Homo Sapiens starting something like 200,000 years ago. In this very long period, as well as in the last two centuries in Europe or in the USA, we can see here and there some Restorations, some backward period like Hitler (80% of it was hellish) or Stalin (about 50% of it was diabolical) but never have I seen in the longer run the victory of any backward movement that lasts.

I would even say that every time someone or some movement tries to force history in one direction or other history has its revenge. The Bolshevik Revolution was a success but the Soviet Union came to an end. Maoism was a success to free China from colonialism, disguised or direct, and yet China has had to come back into normal historical development and go back to, or develop into, a market economy, even if it is not the one we would like, though it is maybe ours that is wrong or has to be changed.

Reopen the coal mines? He better keep the illegal immigrants to work in them.

Repatriate illegal immigrants? How are the rich going to be able to have their homes taken care of and their children raised? How are some labor industries going to be profitable and competitive?

Repeal Obamacare? He has already announced he will not do it?

Reject the Paris Agreement? Now the UN and China have endorsed it?

Get rid of the Iran deal? Now the UN and most European countries plus Russia and China, not to speak of India and Sri Lanka have endorsed it and are negotiating giant contracts with Iran?

Reintroduce slavery? You must be kidding.

Reintroduce segregation? You must be kidding again.

I agree with you people will have to fight and struggle but he will NOT be able to do even 20% of his plan.

Make people work on rebuilding the infrastructure like Roosevelt did with the New Deal? Where is the 20% or more unemployment? No unemployed, no one to blackmail with the dole.

Understand me well. I say that now we must play the trumpet: I despise him and I consider him as a mental underdeveloped fake intellectual who is not even an Asperger case. Trump is a mental midget and stock exchange strategy and tactics do not work in politics and politics is managing people not shares.

We are the people. He is nothing except a stubborn brilliant actor with a cudgel.

We are the people and we want the sky, so let’s seize the day and set the sky as our limit, not some Frère Jacques on the trumpet to go to sleep.


Written by

Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, PhD in Germanic Linguistics (University Lille III) and ESP Teaching (University Bordeaux II) has been teaching all types of ESP

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