From Banshee To Mortal Machines: Uprooting and Pain

13 min readAug 29


A rather long series all based on the fake identity of the new sheriff of the city. He has just spent fifteen or so years in jail for a diamond robbery in Which he was more or less betrayed by the organizer. Yet he went away with the diamonds who were put in a safe place for his long vacation in prison. But two years after his release he will try to cash some of these diamonds, and they will all come back as crushed powdered glass.

Banshee is a city of contrasts with an Amish community from which Proctor, the main entrepreneur and embezzler in Banshee, moved on to become what he is, a thief, a gangster, a trafficker in meat at first and then in drugs. His Amish niece will follow him out of the Amish community, but she will end badly because the whole criminal functioning of Proctor’s enterprises is effectively organized and managed by Burton, a butler of some sort working for Proctor, and Proctor only. The relationship is perverse. From what we understand, Burton is a eunuch of sorts, and he is dedicated to Proctor who is protecting him and using him as a killing machine and cleaning mechanism. He kills any time Proctor needs it and he cleans up behind.

The fake sheriff is the ex-convict I have said but he came back to Banshee to get his old girlfriend. He is the witness of the new sheriff just arriving in the city being killed by some pickpocket of some sort. Our hero — because this fake sheriff will become our hero — gets the documents and identity of the new sheriff and presents himself as being the Lucas Hood they were expecting, though he definitely is not.

His girlfriend is married to a local lawyer and politician, and she has two children: a daughter Deva who is the blood daughter of the new fake sheriff, but no one knows, and a son from her official husband.

This fake sheriff gets connected to an ex-convict who is taking care of a bar-restaurant, more bar if not saloon, than restaurant. He then gets connected or reconnected to an essential chap, a hacker, the hacker, who is very ambiguous in…


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