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Wir kaufen die Welt!

I received on January 21 the following email from Franz Graw explaining his vision of the world, the way it comes up from his latest album, “Wir kaufen die Welt.” It might interest some people who have some liking for Germany or for whom Germany has some appeal.

Under the German email, you can find the translation Franz Graw provided me with and from its slightly chaotic syntax I would say Google is not very far from it. I would advise you to read the German version though. I added some art ^productions by Franz Graw to illustrate the discourse.

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Hi, Dr. Jacques

Ich muss mich entschuldigen, dass ich mich jetzt erst melde.

Aber ich bin auch in der Mühle der Arbeit.

Die Woche ist mit so viel Dingen bestückt, nicht immer schön, die aber gemacht werden müssen.

Sie schreiben das was ich jeden Tag denke und sehe, sie haben vollkommen recht mit ihrem Artikel.

Diese Ereignisse die immer weiter und schneller sich entwickeln bringen meine Gedanken jeden Tag zum Qualmen.

Es sind genau diese Ereignisse die sich immer mehr zuspitzen und die heutige Realität ist.

Diese Hoffnungslosigkeit macht mir Angst.

Die Menschen sind blind oder wollen vieles nicht sehen, aus Egoismus oder zu sehr ich bezogen aus Bequemlichkeit.

Aber es gibt noch Hoffnung, ein Teil der Menschen denkt so wie sie oder ich, sie sehen das falsche die Ungerechtigkeit das böse.

Und über diese Dinge singe ich in meine Lieder, verpackt in einem Mantel der Popmusik.

Meine Hoffnung ist das die Menschen die meine Musik hören, auch über gewisse Dinge anfangen nachzudenken, die ich thematisiere.

Wir sollten weiter machen, sie schreiben weitere gute Artikel über diesem zustand, und ich mache weiter kritische Musik.

Um so mehr Menschen ihren Artikel lesen, umso mehr sehen sie, das sie nicht alleine sind.

Dass es noch mehr Menschen gibt, die so denken wie sie selbst, und sehen, dass es immer noch Hoffnung für die Menschheit gibt.

Ein umdenken eine Gegenbewegung, die durch viele zustande kommen kann, es denken viele so wie wir.

Wir müssen weiter machen.

Viele Grüße Franz

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Hi, Dr. Jacques

I have to apologize for getting in touch now.

But I am also in the mill of work.

The week is filled with so many things, not always nice, but they have to be done.

They write what I think every day and see, they are absolutely right with their article.

These events, which are developing ever further and faster, make my thoughts smolder every day.

It is precisely these events that are becoming increasingly acute and that is today’s reality.

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This hopelessness scares me.

People are blind or do not want to see much, out of egoism or too much for convenience.

But there is still hope, some of the people think as they do or me, they see the wrong, the injustice the evil.

And I sing about these things in my songs, wrapped in a coat of pop music.

My hope is that the people who listen to my music also start to think about certain things that I address.

We should keep going, they write more good articles on this condition, and I keep on making critical music.

The more people read their article, the more they realize that they are not alone.

That there are more people who think like themselves, and see that there is still hope for humanity.

A rethinking a countermovement, which can come about through many, many think it as we do.

We have to go on.

Greetings Franz

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In the world we live in there is little hope to avoid the taking over of everything by the new things that are bouncing around and stampeding on our nostalgia for a humane world, meaning a world the way it was before, slower, more resonant with empathy and feelings, emotions and passions. We are becoming a world of total technical control of everything we may be, do, think, feel from before birth until death. Franz Graw’s use of “wir” is including himself in that technical flea market where everything can be bought for the price of a microchip. It also includes every listener into this “wir.” Willy-nilly there is no escape we are the new colonialists not of some distant continent but of ourselves, of our own independence and freedom.

So, you better accept the idea and enjoy the music. Somewhere it has to do with maybe the possibility or the eventuality that we may, might, could wake up and recapture our own minds, our own technical genitals before we impregnate the world, including ourselves, with some incurable disease that will eradicate out mental and spiritual existence from the whiteboard of yesterday night and from the screens, all the screens of tomorrow morning and when we wake up it will be too late, boys and girls. It is time to wake up, to rise and shine on a beautiful day, in the sunshine; at least if it can reach us through the billowing masses of smoke and other pollutants. “So viele Fragen!”

“Es gibt kein Weg zurück!” There is no way back. It is already too late, we have been overtaken, overwhelmed and we will be soaked, drowned and eradicated from that past, that dream of nostalgia and looking back in a retrospective way that is nothing but turning our back on the weapons that are going to shoot at us without any end their virtual deadly real lifeless bullets of propaganda, advertising, and social-network messaging. Like it or unlike it, who cares. There is no way back. ”Es gibt kein Weg zurück,” as soon as you have liked the dummies you meet on Facebook, you can unlike them as much as you want you will never be able to dislike them because disliking does not apply in tomorrow’s world. Like-Unlike-BUT-NO-Dislike. That’s the modern morality of this world that is changing under our feet, our hands, our eyes and even our balls, the balls of our ball games from football to handball, Füsser und Händer dancing in the sky in our technical onanism.

Poor Alice in Wonderland, she probably wonders what is happening to her in this adventure. She lost her footing long ago and will never recapture it. There is no more any Trust in God, in spite of what Trump might be saying regularly, thinking he is the God he is speaking of. But it is the trust that has disappeared not God, because who cares about God, as long as you do not trust in him and his crazy effortless, careless decisions that lead to nothing since it is only throwing some inflammable oil on the fire he has created — and after all has he? — in this humanity of his — and is it his really, are we really his? Our modern world has belied Nietzsche. God is not death really, he is only on vacation and has always been. He created nothing because everything came from who knows where, but certainly not from nowhere and nothing. At worst he passed water onto this burning world and let it survive in its death instinct, death trip, death religion.

Why should this God care about the people here and there who beheaded one another, who shed their own blood and the blood of their neighbors, just as easily as it was for them to breathe and urinate? “Du bist verloren!” that’s sure, you are lost, lost forever in the man-made jungle that was delivered by the coitus between a monster and an abomination, same sex or not, who cares, since they are beyond gender and sex, just a plain conjunction like the sun and the moon in an eclipse and after this copulation there came humanity for us to enjoy surviving in this jungle by killing one another and destroying the jungle at the same time. That’s the world we are buying. We are buying it thinking our technology, science, and philosophy can restore it to what it has never been, to a state of perfection it has never even experienced one nanosecond.

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After a while you will find the music very repetitive, very simple, hammering very heavily onto your various dendrites and neurons and that leaves no peace and quiet for your serrated brain. You will do the same as I did, let yourselves go into that tantra of the fear of the future and the deprivation of a dream that the future could be better. And you will commit suicide, mental and spiritual suicide waiting for the end. Oh! Please let the end come, let that blind dead-ended impasse come to an end. Let us be shot from behind against the wall at the very end of this stalemate deadlock. The world is in the hands of Mafiosi that will not accept any rebate on their price, on their compulsory payment, because what we are buying with the world, or what we are buying the world from is a mafia of a few politicians that have no accounts to give to anyone.

Oh! God if you are still alive somewhere in your vacationalistic haven, can you do something for us between two visits to the gentlemen’s lavatory?

Of course not! You, nefarious villains who call yourselves humans, devised and produced it with all your Digitalisierung, your crazy digitalization that has turned anything real, good or bad who cares, into a virtual dematerialized non-existent non-entity. Enjoy your voided life in this voided world of both matter-less and void-less non-reality. And you can end with “Ich suche dich!” For sure you can look for that god of old ages and finally realize what they did not even try to understand in these old ages: God is not our creator, he is not our friend at all, he is another dimension in this multifarious reality of evil and bad and ugly realities we cannot even try to assess: Too hard for our weak mindless onanistic selfish brains.


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Written by

Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, PhD in Germanic Linguistics (University Lille III) and ESP Teaching (University Bordeaux II) has been teaching all types of ESP

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