The firs season was great, the second is so-so


In this second season of Billy McBride’s saga against the rotten justice of the USA that is as rotten as the public allows it to be, true enough the public is always under duress from the police, some court of some sort, or some gang or hooligans. So the most eternal thing in the US judicial system, political system, and business is its rottenness, its embezzling and its corruption. It is not a swamp that can be drained, though anyone will hesitate before draining a swamp whose 90% of it is nothing but highly dangerous heavy metal or radioactive matter. But it is the gene, a genome, a full genetic essence, the absolute genetic essence of the US. It is absolutely NOT AT ALL what they pretend it is. It is anti-democratic. It is highly anti-social and anti-humane and anti-progressive. In the name of NOT BEING socialist, it is nothing in conformity with the universal declaration of human and civil rights.

All alone against a wall

That second season proves it. A woman will become the new mayor of Los Angeles but she has changed identity to cover up her links with a drug gang. To win she has to block the truth about who she is. Her brother who is some kind of weirdo with a lot of money and many criminal servants will do all he can to clean up the whole plate around her so that all those who could be dangerous will be dealt with, meaning killed and just a few, less than the five fingers of one hand will be authorized to survive because they are so tied up that they cannot use their tongues, and one who could actually use it ends up with no tongue at all, surviving with no legs and no arms, his phantasm, fantasy, though normally he practices this armless and legless insanity onto women. Then he could rape them twenty times in a row if he wanted since they could not scratch his back and have his DNA under their nails.

That’s the sick world into which you will be introduced with brutality. You might follow the story which is very hectic and twisted. But in the end, SHE, the fake identity woman, will be the mayoress of Los Angeles.

Behing it is nothing but a setting

Only one shortcoming in this demonstration. The lady is Mexican, pure Mexican from the cartels and not born in the US and in no way a legitimate US citizen, but she has dealt with that in depth. No one is still alive or able to speak against her. She has cast her case in the thickest and strongest wall against the truth. But she is Mexican, of course, my dear Dr. Watson, because that is supporting Trump in his war against Mexico, Mexicans and all that is Latino.

I think Amazon Prime should think twice with such series and themes because it is politically biased, and what about the good old Trump and his fortune based on, built from a well managed bankruptcy? And I will not say anything about the “bankers,” if they are bankers, who led the USA into the 2008–2009 crash.

The good institutionalized cop: honest but impotent

Fiction has no right to play with politics because then it no longer is fiction. Politics is cannibalistic. As soon as you give one finger to it, in no time they will swallow your family jewels and the last toe of your last foot.


Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, PhD in Germanic Linguistics (University Lille III) and ESP Teaching (University Bordeaux II) has been teaching all types of ESP