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Éditions La Dondaine — Catalogue & @Slideshare. Net (84)

Editions La Dondaine — Catalogue

This catalogue contains all the published or produced works from our various authors over the last four years. Some are new in the profession, beginners in fact, some are young and some are of a more advanced age or experience, but they all believe in the freedom of expression and today in the age of cyberspace authors have to be cyber authors. They have more than ever to do everything before publication and now they can also self-publish themselves onto the wings of cyberspace. Then they have to learn how to promote themselves, how to valorize themselves. The tools available for that valorization and promotion are generic and empty, meaning the content is produced by the authors themselves.

We never have had it so easy to reach out for the realization of our works into a book that can circulate virtually all over the world provided authors use the material networks around them to promote their works from mouth to ear and the virtual social networks at their disposal. What’s new today is that you have to create your own buzz in the world to ever be or become someone or something. This in itself is not knew but the means used to do it are original and so far reaching that you cannot see the end of their extension.

Be sure more will come and remember a work that is not produced or published will never reach any lasting fame. Jacques COULARDEAU

Ce catalogue contient toutes les œuvres publiées ou produites avec divers auteurs ou artistes au cours des quatre dernières années. Quel que soit leur statut professionnel ils croient tous que la liberté d’expression dans notre âge cybernétique exige que l’auteur devienne un cyber-auteur. L’auteur plus que jamais doit tout faire avant la publication et il ou elle peut aujourd’hui s’auto-publier porté(e) par l’albatros du cyber espace virtuel. L’auteur doit alors apprendre à se mettre en avant, se donner à voir, se promotionner. Les outils pour cette valorisation et cette promotion sont génériques et vides pour que l’auteur puisse y investir son propre contenu, sa propre image, la forêt imaginaire qui doit cacher l’auteur de chair, de sang réel.

Nous sommes ouverts à tous et tous les projets. Le succès n’est qu’huile de coude et graisse de genou. Jacques COULARDEAU

Research Interests: Asian Studies, Research Methodology, Literature, Humor, Poetry, South Asia, Biblical Studies, and The Apocalypse of John

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Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, PhD in Germanic Linguistics (University Lille III) and ESP Teaching (University Bordeaux II) has been teaching all types of ESP

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