And what about the double trauma caused by American interventions all over the world that have since Vietnam practically always been defeats or quagmires out of which you can’t get? Trauma caused to the people there; trauma to the soldiers who are fighting lost and bad wars; trauma to the people who are in the USA paying taxes and building a deficit just to go on with those adventurous capers and criminal activities.

When the state is causing all that taruma and all those traumas it is difficult not to understand that in the society per se there will be a tendency among those who are ttraumatized by family life, by sexual life, by economic life, by educational life, or whatever, to follow the model of the good patriotic GIs who are doing it all the time: kill them all and God will choose the ones he likes, and it will lower my fear, my anxiety, though not my trauma that is even multiplied by such actions.

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