and transport all kinds of expression, artistic, intellectual, sensorial, pornographioc or whatever you may think of.

What is original with television is that it is all-sensorial. You have to react with all your senses and television requires full acceptation at once or you zap. See Marshall McLuhan. He is the best about television.

As for the Internet and social media, it makes you bvelieve you are the only master on board, when you are manipulated by some captain somewhere that uses machine code to make you do what you think you want and that is nothing but what this architect wants you to believe you want.

Addiction to the Internet is a lot more perverse than addiction to television. The Internet makes you a vegetable who believes he is the king of the universe whereas television makes you a vegetable and nothing else if you get addicted.

But true enough it is good to get something to eat when you are famished just like vegetables love some water when it is hot.

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