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This film is not going to revolutionize human science and human philosophy, and certainly not any human religion. We are dealing here with the apocalyptic and catastrophic, oxymoronic and even paranormalistic, impossible and improbable saga of the end of the world, meaning, of course, the earth, and how a group of three humans, a trinity of two men and one woman save the world by killing the bad digital monster.

We are post-COVID-19; hence the story is gross, and definitely disheartening in all possible disturbing ways, be it only on the military side of things, and yet one single officer will block the nuclear wiping out of the whole universe, or at least our galaxy. If you can trust military forces to defend the survival of humanity any time soon, you will have to be very short-sighted, very gullible, and even very uncritical if not anticritical. But the trinity or triad of heroes, saviors, and visionary selfless altruistic scientific geniuses play their role perfectly well. Of course, one has to be sacrificed. Of course, he has to be a male. Of course, he has to be still single and taking care of his Alzheimer’s mother, hence a new Jesus Christ, in fact, KC Houseman, who missed the JC by only one letter since K is coming just after J. Not bad for a whiz kid.

Special effects are good, though very repetitive. The plot is totally absurd and so twisted that the storyline is as straight as a pig’s tail when the pig is rejoicing in the perspective of getting a special treat. But that is not really important because within ten minutes you will have lost all sense of logic and dramatic progress. Don’t ask for any cathartic dimension. We are not in antique Greek theater, but in modern American society in the age of smartphones, social networks, and texts or Short Message Service in everyone’s pockets. So, it is a series and sequence of plots though we do not know who is plotting. We know the ancestors of the triad of heroes built the moon and even the whole universe, probably to be a self-protected, totally peaceful, and non-violent universe for humanity. The result is not brilliant since the human species has just improved mainly in the methods to destroy other humans, and what’s more, it produced Artificial Intelligence that is supposed to be “programmed” to destroy everything and…


Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, PhD in Germanic Linguistics (University Lille III) and ESP Teaching (University Bordeaux II) has been teaching all types of ESP