American Security = Fascistic Terrorism

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Season 2

This series is a prodigy of clairvoyance and perspicacity. It has to do with terrorism and the Americans who want to control the whole world in the name of their war on terrorism. But this series is German and the German point of view is a lot more subtle and cruel to the American security, spying and terrorizing services than the standard Hollywood servicing of federal security agencies.

Against the totalitarian terroristic American pretention to control the world both economically and militarily, international forces are gathering to defeat this fascistic attempt of these very security services and that is not easy. Their aim is to disturb social life in order to create a smokescreen that enables them to take control of the computerized and digitalized servers and systems of absolute surveillance set up in our western societies. They, of course, have to run free under the enormous cloak of lies and propaganda these American security services are spreading on people, on states, on allies and on all other entities in the world.

This series only concentrates on the security dictatorship from the USA with clear events in the background: The American horrendous crimes in Vietnam up to 1975. The American horrifying crimes in Afghanistan and they could add Iraq and Syria, that is to say, the Muslim world going on right now and that started in 2001, at least and officially. The belief that this war on terrorism is lost is clearly obvious when you look at the stalemate of it seventeen years after the beginning of it.

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Season 1

The main point is that these security services operate all over the world with no opposition from western states, but they are weak because the people opposing their adventurous absurdity are individuals who are in a way or another the victims of this imperialistic fascism. An easy alliance is possible in the world and the series only take Vietnamese and Germans into account but you could add quite a few more people from many other countries.

This war is waged in cyberspace and cyberspace is the land of the courageous innovators who will hack anything, anyplace, any time and there is no defense against that kind of hacking. Examples are numerous. Tomahawk missiles being hacked by the Russian armed forces and ending in the Mediterranean Sea instead of on some Syrian air force basis. That kind of hacking can be done by one person, man or women, from one off-the-way place, provided a network helps him or her do it. Hacking is unpredictable and impossible, or at least difficult, to prevent. Actually, the Americans tried it against Iran for example but they are not that swift. They were discovered and identified by people, hackers among them, from Belarus before The Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who do not spit on some CIA or Homeland Security or whatever money were able to verify what Belarus and their Russians allies had already found.

I am told the Israelis are a little bit more effective, but not much, since in the case of Iran they were at the initiative of this cyberspace war act of Obama and it failed all like a House of Cards in a spring breeze.

The German touch here is that the action is cruel and that cruelty does not even have anything close in the American pale and nothing at all anywhere else, French, British or whatever. The main actor and his wife, plus the young boy Leon, are outstanding in the seriousness and resolution they are able to express under the numerous and continuous attacks from the Americans. It also reveals that in Germany rare are those in German security forces who will try to do anything. The BND will rather arrest the agents of any police force if by any chance they were to endanger the American allies.

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Remember Saigon, Vietnam, 1975

After two seasons the general impression is that it will do now. Let’s American go home and stay in their front gardens watching some patriotic parade on July 4 or any other day, Labor Day or whatever they may think of, like Ronald MacDonald’s Day on April 1st. Don’t be a fool and do NOT EVER support the American ambition to be first in the world and to control it all.


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